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In-House ERP Suite System
Desktop Systm Platform
Online Report/Activities……
Customer Tracking
Real-time Inventory Transaction

Receiving, Storaging, and Shipping
Computerized Warehouse Management System
Barcode scanning ability
Load and unload volume of material/ product
Capable of local, domestic and internatioal distribution

Service Support
System generated daily cycle count
Same day turnaround of all requests
Real time data entry ensuring accurate balance and tracking of inventory
Standard and custom packaging
Flexiable operating hours to fulfill customer needs

Configure/ reconfigure to assembly computer
Ability to run multiple assembly jobs
In line quality control and ESD control
ARS / DOA receipt, repair, and shipment service
Repair of PC boards
Firmware upgrades
Electronic alert system for expeditious movement of FGI product
Real time data entry to ensure timely visibility and tracking of inventory
Push & pull system

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