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Software Programmer (.NET, Java)
Date: January, 2007

United Logistic Solutions Inc. provides optimized supply chain solution, developing the most efficient and effective way to meet our customers' requirements. We offer services in logistics, domestic distributions, order fulfillment, light production, repair and refurbishment, return management and other value added services. We are currently looking for a Software Programmer to build & work on our in-house WMS application. Under immediate supervision the Software Programmer, analyzes, modifies and debugs existing applications. Responsibilities also include testing, communicating and implementing defect resolutions.

Responsibilities & Required Skills:
·    Use .Net and Java Programming while working independently to develop mission critical high data volume concurrent and resilient client-server applications;
·    Be responsible for Programming, Planning, Specification, Architecture, Implementation, Testing and Documentation with tight deadlines;
·    Program and develop database, create Complex Queries using DDL & DML, store procedures, and view using MySQL Server;
·    Execute usage of Visual Studio 2005, VB.NET, VB, Silverlight, Crystal Reports, NUnit Testing Tools, MySQL 5.0, RDBMS, Navicat 2005 for the intranet back office application;
·    Utilize Java, Servlets, Java beans, JSP, JDBC, XML, XPATH, XQuery, XSL, SOAP, SAX, Mave, Eclipse, NetBeans to handle and develop EDI translator software;
·    Modify existing applications to improve and/or correct errors, adapt to new hardware and software, and improve its performance;
·    Interface with end-users to aid product improvements;
·    Program and develop software, tabulate data from the customers, program software with respect to their desired results, solve design problems, create flow charts, understand logic diagrams and translate them to functional code;
·    Execute various test routines to ensure that the development of software systems reciprocate the desired customer results, involving making changes to code, running through logic models, and testing software systems in varying network environments and outlining established methods of performing work in accordance with organizational policy, rules and procedures;
·    Review, update and modify software systems in order to improve code performance, which would entail re-writing software programs, regression testing of code, re-checking the logical flow of the software programs, and tabulating feedback from customers etc. to suit specific project requirements of the company; perform programming tasks and make revisions in consultation with other managerial and technical staff after reviewing recommendations;
·    Document and organize data for all the software projects developed for United Logistic Solutions customers, which would entail storing and maintaining information in electronic form; study methods of improving user efficiency by training users and answering their questions, including maximizing efficiency by specifying users and user access levels, keeping track of programs encountered in such usage, and suggesting methods and implementing them for the users;
·    Be responsible for remote upgrades and support when required.

Recommended Qualifications:
·    Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or a closely related field required, Master preferred
·    Must have experience in the following fields: - .NET, Java, Servlet's, XML.
·    Requires proficiency in Visual Studio., VB.Net, ASP.Net development languages/frameworks
·    Strong foundation in computer science, with strong competencies in data structures, algorithms and software design optimized for building highly distributed and parallelized systems.
·    Excellent knowledge of International EDI Standards like EDIFACT, ANSI X12 and various EDI Transaction sets.

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